The first video is a rehearsal video of the song Big Red...and Barbacoa, text by Carmen Tafolla and music by Edna Alejandra Longoria, featuring Noël Archambeault-soprano, Bethany Hirota-Mabry-cajon, Saúl Placencia Iruegas-piano, Gary Mabry-banjo, Evana Toll-bass.


The second video is To Walt Whitman, text by Angela De Hoyos and music by Edna Alejandra Longoria featuring Noël Archambeault-soprano and Ashley Lucero-guitar.

Big Red

Miracle Potion blooms bright

Bubbles up secrets of survival

Perks us even in the sweltering

suffocating heat of the summer

Made to make the dead rise

           the weak rouse

           the wilted stand up straight

                                    and sing its glory


Big Red

Only for the Brave

        the Bold

                    the San Antonian.

A tonic for those crazy enough to plunge

ice cold into the sparkling depths

of resuscitation

The special sizzle of


HIGHLY carbonated

HIGHLY sweetened

soda water

All the stops pulled out to keep us

alive, alert, awake

Thrown down the thirsty throat

like some ice chaser, strong and stinging

through the thick fat meaty rancho taste

of cowhead --- barbacoa ---

hey man, my brother


prophet democratic

here’s a guitar

for you

---a chicana guitar---

so you can spill out a song

for the open road

big enough for my people

---my Native Amerindian race

that I can’t seem to find

in your poems